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Eileen Campbell,
Melbourne, Victoria,

About Eileen Campbell

I worked as a Primary School teacher for a total of 22 years.  I took up quilting and patchwork in 1984, and my work is often exhibited in quilt shows.  I have worked full time as a textile artist since 1993, and I have been greatly supported by my partner, Ernie.
My mother, a painter who loved to decorate pottery with scenes from nature, had a tremendous influence on my approach to arts and craft.  She conveyed a great love of the natural world, and she encouraged my interests in sewing and weaving. I have since explored related textile crafts, fabric printing, pottery, bookbinding, calligraphy and photography.  I started quilting in the usual way, with formal designs, but through trial and error I have established my own style.  I now specialize in machine work using applique, embroidery and quilting techniques.
My designs usually incorporate flora and fauna whether from nature or imagination. The work is often embellished with beads, braids etc.  I often use machine quilting to echo the appliqued designs.
I have exhibited in Australia and Overseas and have been fortunate to win a number of awards.  For me, some of the highlights have been:
  • One of my quilts was included in the Husqvarna Viking International Challenge - 'Feel Free' - and another in Husqvarna's 'Color, Couleur, Colore, Kulor' International Challenge.
  • My quilt, 'Pelican Twilight' won 'Best of World' in the 'World Quilt and Textile Competition' U.S.A. in 2002.
  • I was an invited artist for the Japanese travelling exhibition 'Contemporary Images in Japanese Quilts' in 2004.
  • I was a contributor to the 'Three Countries Challenge' (Japan, Australia and France) in 2006.
  • 'Iris Variations' won 'Best Machine Workmanship' Innovative section in the 2007 World Quilt & Textile Contest U.S.A.
  • In 1999 I was commissioned by 'Quilts 2000' to make the flagship quilt for their Paralympic fundraising quilt event. 'The Lizzie Quilt' is now in the Powerhouse Museum.
  • My quilt 'Flower Songs' won First Prize in the 'Festival Gallery of Quilt Art: Wonders of the World' exhibition in Houston, USA, 2010.
I have taught numerous classes in textile arts over the years.
I have written four books:
  • 'Applique Applied' (1994)
  • 'U is for Unicorn' (1998) (which has since been re-titled 'Creative Medieval Designs for Applique')
  • 'Ideas for Applique - The Applique Artist's Workbook' (2008)
  • 'Japanese Flowers in Applique' (2010).
I have also made videos on techniques, and I have designed applique patterns for sale.
I am a member of the following groups, which I recommend for their support of anyone with a passion for quilting.